Creative thinking for Totally Tartan

Posted by Julie Noble on 15th Sep 2016

Creative Tartan

It is sometimes hard to ignore the noise and demands of the everyday juggle of work and family life, although I have to admit, I thrive on it.    However sometimes we need to be alone in a peaceful place starting from nothing and building.   Finding out what we like, experimenting with new things, freely and selfishly adding and deleting until we create something new, inspiring and refreshing to enhance what we already have.

That is a very deep and meaningful way of saying that things are happening here at Totally Tartan HQ.   I want fresh colours, new designs and new products to enhance my existing tartan treats and of course, all Scottish gifts with a quirky tartan twist.   So, in short, this is my mantra for the next few weeks.

Wake up! And be creative!