Scottish gift ideas not on the hight street

Scottish gift ideas not on the hight street

Posted by Julie Noble on 13th Dec 2017

Tartan door stops

Want to get a quirky Scottish Gifts that isn't sold on every high street.  Totally Tartan's doorstops bring a touch of Scotland into your house with subtle tartan shades and are not sold anywhere else apart from Totally tartan.  These wee pyramid doorstops with appliqued tartan hearts are about 18-20cm square, weigh just over 1kg and are filled with wheat and a touch of lavender.  They come in so many colour variations that I challenge you to fine the colour scheme you can't find one for.

Totally Tartan Terrier Tam

Second idea, the ever popular Terrier Tam, the dog shaped tartan cushion that melts hearts all over the world.  A suitable gifts with a difference for your baby to your granny and available in almost every tartan you can find on my web site.  I even have some colours in the sale at the moment. This little chap (or Chapess) is about 35-40 cm high and 45-50 cm nose to tail.  But remember, "a dog is for life not just for Christmas" so this wee Scottish gift will fill your house with joy all year round and make absolutely no demands on you.

Tartan Draught Ecluder

Still got that someone who has everything?  What about going more practical and giving them tartan draught excluder. a gift that keeps giving by keeping you nice and cosy whilst looking rather pretty.  The other unique thing about these tartan gifts is that they can be taylor made to any size between 70cm and 140cm.  So if you or someone you know has got that extra large impressive, but rather draughty, front door, or that small internal door that will maybe keep the heat in the room when the fire's roaring, order one now just in time for Christmas.

Personalised baby blanket

Lastly, don't forget the ever popular personalised baby blankets with the tartan touch.  If you didn't get one when the baby was born then order one now for Christmas.  Don't forget, my 14 year old still uses his and as the picture shows, they double up as a superhero cape when your a wee bit older as my photo of Innes shows.  My last orders for personalised baby blankets is this Friday 15th, and my last order of anything else for delivery before Christmas is Monday 18th December.  

Happy Shopping.