Small business - big demands

Posted by Julie Noble on 14th Mar 2018

Living the dream

Having you own business is truly wonderful.  I am very lucky that I was able to create Totally tartan just after my first born, and although there were some very stressful times at the beginning, juggling new baby and new business, here I am 14 years later.  I have been able to experience their whole childhood with them, I’ve been there when they’ve needed me, and sometimes when not.  I’ve been on school trips, volunteered at activities and been able to do all this in the hours that suit my family life and my business.

However, It’s not always easy!

When I started out I needed to design products, source suppliers, make all my product or employ people to do it for me and then go out and find customers and create marketing strategies.  Truth be told, I thrived on it.  Who would have thought a tartan cushion could yield such enthusiasm!  I loved the chaos that sometimes ensued, the juggling of all the balls, the learning curves I had to go through and the pride encountered to see my tartan cushions in retail outlets.

If you don’t move forward, you’ll move back!

Next move, a website, a personal forum for me to sell my tartan gifts direct to the public as well as to trade  .Enter a whole new language of ecommerce platforms, payment gateways, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), key words, content management, photography, google analytics, blogging and many more.  All, still me.  Like it or not, you must embrace it.  Focus on the positive, what job is perfect.? I ploughed through the tough bits, expanded my knowledge on lots of things and ended up with a fantastic e-commerce business that allowed me to sell my tartan cushions and tartan gifts all over the world. I love my web site and I am actually very proud of the journey I have taken and where I am today.

The out of my comfort zone!

Because I had done my homework on keywords, SEO & content management, my website was well positioned for the googlebots to trawl my website and see that I was a genuine business selling quality goods throughout the world.  Result!  Totally tartan appeared on the first page of all the required search criteria which isn’t bad out of 40 million websites.  However, there are 1.7 BILLION web sites today.  It would be a full-time job now for a small company like Totally tartan to reach the top of even 5 chosen search criteria, especially against the giants like Amazon and supermarkets.  Option 1, pay google and the like a fortune to keep me up the top.  Option 2.  Enter the murky world of social media, algorithms and data structures, blogging for success, sitemaps, analytics and many more words of jargon and buzzwords.  Puzzles that tie me to my computer rather than letting me do what I’m good at, creating and promoting.  The giants are taking over the world leaving the small companies behind.

The Plea!  Help me fight the giants

Any of the following would be great.  Multiple of any, even better.  Regular of any, superb!!!!

  • Like me, share me, anything on social media is good.
  • Visiting my web site really helps so put me on your favourites and keep popping in.
  • When you have a “quick look” at any product online you can do any of the following with just one click.


  • Visit me at an external shop like Etsy Totally tartan (more to follow)
  • Write a review on google.  Google "Totally Tartan" and click "write a review" box bottom right

Thank you for your help.  It is appreciated so much