What is your favourite name?

What is your favourite name?

Posted by Julie Noble on 25th Apr 2018

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Over the many years making my personalised baby blankets, I have seen such a wide variety of names.  How do you choose a name for a teeny tiny person that you haven’t met yet? And choose one that will see them through their whole life rather than just those cute baby years. It’s a huge task.

You want it not to be too common but not too out there either, or do you?  Do you want your child to share their name with other people or do you want them to be unique?  Or do you run the risk of people thinking, and hopefully never saying, “why would anyone choose that name for a child?

I’m a bit of traditionalist and I like a name to tell me if it’s a pink one or a blue one but maybe in this age of gender equality, that shouldn’t matter.  I also like to be able to spell it without too many hidden silent letters, like Ruairidh or Eilidh, although the latter happens to be one of my favorite girl names.  Maybe a classic reinvented or with a different slant.  My husband loved the name Scarlet when I was pregnant with number 2, however given that our first boy was a red head, I felt this was a gamble. Luckily, it was a boy!

What will the name be like with your surname?  Easy enough for a boy but you never know your daughters future name, Terresa Green, Holly Wood or Iona Ford!  One of the things I love about my baby blankets is that they bring a touch of Scotland to any name and I love to see an Indian or Chinese name in tartan letters.  But how do we mix cultures without the name sounding silly. Angus Xióng or Saanvi McLeod

Then there’s nick names.  I love nick names but feel they should be derived from a person’s character or an event in life rather than given at birth, like Manimal, Commando or Papa Smurf!  They paint a picture or tell us a story or merely can start a conversation.  Maybe we should leave the nicknames to our family names as I’m sure we all know a few of them.

Anyway, I’d love to hear your favorite baby names – maybe you’ve used it or maybe you’ve been wishing you’d used it or maybe you heard it recently and thought to yourself now that is a good baby name!!! What's your favourite name?