Large chunky personalised wooden name plaque

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Large chunky personalised wooden name plaque

This large chunky personalised name plaque is made from 12 mm MDF which gives it an exuberant 3D effect.  It can be hung on the wall or stand upright (provided none of the letters have tails).  They come unpainted so you can add your own magic with a simple coat of paint just like the last "Happy New Year"

They can be personalised with any wording but the maximum length for posting is 1 m and 9 letters.  Please add your words exactly as you would like then written e.g. Sophie or sophie.  They come in 2 different heights, namely 150 mm and 250 mm but please message me if you would like any other size.  The height is the height of the capital letter of the first letter of your word.  The length is then determined by the actual letters E.g. Relax in the photo would be 150 mm x 525 mm or 250 mm x 875 mm.
They are a stunning addition to any room setting and an ideal personalised baby gift or teenagers bedroom.  I have mine hanging in the kitchen above my cooker and it really sets off all the other copper in my kitchen appliances.  They can also be used for parties, weddings, baby showers and will certainly add sparkle to any other celebrations.  
Please add your word, exactly as you'd like when written e.g. Sophie or sophie. Maximum length is 1m so 9 letters per word.