Muted Blue Stewart Small Tartan Cushion

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260 Grams
Muted blue small square cushion 12x12inches


Small 12" / 30 cm.  The muted shades of pale denim blue and light brown are subtly mixed with touches of grey and yellow and are put on a backdrop of gentle cream making this a soft and gentle mix of colours.  Please do not mix it up with Blue Dress Stewart which is much bolder in colour.

These luxurious all wool tartan cushions and cushion covers are hand-made in Scotland with authentic Scottish tartans. The fashionable rolled fringe feature conceals the envelope opening of the cushion cover The stated sizes are for the cushion covers when flat and can look considerably smaller when beveled with a cushion pad.  As a guide, I would say that the small are too small for a sofa but ideal for a neck cushion or a single chair.  If in doubt, fold up a newspaper to the specified size and see how it looks.  If in doubt, buy bigger and you will not be disappointed. Please select your options from the list opposite and your price will be updated to reflect the option chosen.