Plum Pastel Plaid Scottie Dog Cushion

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325 Grams
Plum Scottie Dog Pastel Plaid Cushion

This colour combination is very warm. The plum blends with a very deep violet and two shades of dusky pink. I imagine it could tone down a very pink toom or brighten up a very neautral setting.  Sorry, don't have a photo of the rectangle so you'll just have to imagine this one without the Scottie for now, sorry.

These luxurious all wool tartan cushions and cushion covers are hand-made in Scotland with authentic Scottish tartans and will compliment any traditional or contemporary setting The rectangle tartan cushion has the rolled fringe feature at either end rather than the bottom and the envelope opening at the back of the cushion.  It measures 16"x12" or 40cm x 30cm and is ideal for the middle of the sofa between two large squares at either side or on a single chair.  The Scottie is made from soft cream fleece.